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Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn--------------CLICK ON SMALL PHOTOS FOR INFO.

I was on a 16 day holiday of which the Baltic States was a part. I was travelling by Ferry, Train and Bus.---I traveled by train from Warsaw Poland with changes on the way.-- I stayed at the Hotel Panorama Vilnius Lithuania, a large standard budget hotel. Stayed 2 nights.---Vilnius is the capital city and largest city.,its name originates from the Vilnia river. There are 65 churches and a cathedral.--Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union till 1990.--The local name for Lithuania is Lietuva.----Travel by train South to North is difficult ,so i continued by bus, to Riga. A rail project to improve the railways is under way.Train lines from each of the Baltic cities go west into Russia.100_1070.JPG100_1071.JPG100_1072.JPG100_1076.JPG100_1069.JPG100_1073.JPG100_1083.JPG100_1081.JPG100_1078.JPG--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Riga is Latvia"s capital. Riga was founded in 1201 AD. The most famous building is the " Building of the Brotherhood of Blackheads "----I stayed 2 nights in Riga. ( A flight from London is about 2 and half hours ).There are trains to Russia and ferries to Stockholm.--I climbed to the top of St, Peters Tower.--The river in Riga is the Daugava, there is a sheltered harbour.---There is a gate called Swedish Gate, so called from when Riga was under Swedish rule, -- The Powder Tower one of the oldest buildings from 1330. I continued by bus to Tallinn Estonia.---------------------------------------100_1084.JPG100_1085.JPG100_1086.JPG100_1087.JPG100_1088.JPG100_1089.JPG100_1092.JPG100_1094.JPG100_1093.JPG---------------------Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, situated on the northern coast of Estonia. Tallinn old town is medieval and UNESCO heritage site.-- Trains go to Moscow, and ferries to Helsinki Finland. When i moved on i took the ferry.----- Tallinn old town is divided into two areas, the lower town and the upper town.and from the 13th century. Sights are the city walls, towers, and the Town Hall.--------------------------------------------------------------------100_1095.JPG100_1096.JPG100_1097.JPG100_1098.JPG100_1102.JPG100_1100.JPG100_1099.JPG100_1104.JPG

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